Monday, 5 April 2010

Travelling and Phones.

Travelling I honestly have no idea how people commute to work on a daily basis, it would kill me. So I went to London weekend of the 7th November was on train to London had a night out then was on train back to sunny MK at 11 am… *gag* last thing you need on a train is a hang over, dear god it’s awful. Mind you self-inflicted so can’t really complain. Weekend after I was again travelling, can’t say where as it’s top secret *shuuuush*Weekend after that I was again travelling to another destination, left Friday early morning and got back Sunday at 6ish…Between weekends I was all over Milton Keynes doing various things… like getting shopping and visiting friends, and of course dancing. Since then I’ve been in Northampton several times a week doing various things, including some retail therapy (but most of that was xmas shopping)And travelling to meet some very lovely gentlemen, so I have been a bit of a busy girl. I am also travelling over the xmas period and new year. I can only thank my lucky stars that I am not an international escort as I don’t think I could handle all the travel *phew* So boy’s hats off to you if you commute to work on a daily basis. Anyway on one of my many trips. I was in city, I needed a new phone, mine seem to break a lot. Phones…Ok what is it with technology today…I went into the city , as I needed some things, namely a new phone, and some paint. Get to the phone store, ad has a nice little assistant show me some phones. Why does every phone you buy have to have every computer application going? Honest to god, and almost all are now touch screen what is going on? Last time I bought a phone (ok maybe two years ago) things were simple. You get a phone for calls and possibly sms (text messages).I use my laptop a fair bit, as I don’t have a home computer, I just don’t see the point of having a home computer when I have the laptop, more portable and comfortable for me. Anyway… So I go to fine a new phone and everything has gone mad. Why do I need to have Facebook apps and Internet explorer on my phone. Yadda yadda yadda, Honestly the world has gone mad on internet phones. Anyway a few weeks after my sad affair with the phone, I tries to top up. Now I have gone digital enough to top up via my card, purely for convenience, So I tries to top up and am told by the whinny voice on the phone that I have reached my credit limit. What the hell? I called the nice tech help people to be told this…You can only top up 30 pounds in the first month, this is due to security measures from both the bank and the phone company. Now I do have another line and can top that up so why one rule for one phone and another for the new phone.? Well because if my card gets stolen in the first month then the people who steal it after going to the trouble of registering my card they can only top up 30 in the first month, instead of say 300.So my convenience has now turned into an inconvenience, as I now have to get a top up voucher. What annoyed me so much was this…I have two phones, both registered and both have a security code. Not only that I am pretty anal about my card and keep it safe or as safe as I can at all times. I use cash, so no chance of my card being swiped or my details being nabbed, I don’t use holes in the wall I always go into the bank, so again my details can’t be taken from a dodgy teller. And the phone company have the cheek to tell me after yapping on about how much more convenient it is to top up via card, that I can’t do any more top ups in the first month. Inconvenient that!!!

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