Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The allure of the pain au raisin

So the allure of the milk and raisin pastry.

Well suffice as to say you don't want to know about my hectic and rather boring morning routine.
With exception to the shower, which let's face it, escort + shower = no brainer.
So after all the faffing about on a Tuesday morning, I manage by the grace of divine intervention to get myself to the station, and while waiting on the illustrious 9:19 virgin train, on platform 4, I spy with my keen blue eyes... The coffee shop, now everyone drinks tea/coffee/juice so these little money spinners are placed just perfect, but they also supply fresh cooked pastries.

I love pastries, it's one of those fanciful little things that the smell and sight brings back a selection of rather lovely memories.
Hot sweaty sheets, the night before, and the breakfast in the morning...

Anyway digressing again, so every Tuesday morning I treat myself to these naughty, full of calories and all things bad for me, pastries ( ok, ok, I actually buy 3 of them) to devour on the train whilst watching the world fly past, some idilic scenery, some not so idilic scenery.

I find that these naughty little pastries put me in a fine frame of mind.

Is it the sugar content? Probably.

Or is it that the naughty but marvellous memories that come with each bite of these pastries, allows me to remember happy moments caught in time, and makes me feel less stressed about the tube trains and the hubbub that is London, and also gives me some fond memories which put me in a cracking mood for the naughty appointments I'm taking that day.

Either way, I rather enjoy my sinful, temptation on a Tuesday :-)

Friday, 27 January 2012

The joy's of random experiences

The point of escorting depends on what your looking to gain from it.
For some it's pure £££ for others it's sex, and for others still it's a mixture of both.

Myself, I fall into the last category, I like having sex, as any healthy, sexually active 26yr old would do, and I like the fact that, men of all ages and racial backgrounds, will pay for my extravagant love affair with books and shoes.

But my love affair with this industry lies not with the act of intercourse itself, or it's many variants, but with the random experiences that each encounter brings.

The excitement of a new client, and the joys of sharing a new experience with a regular client. Each encounter even if I've seen a client 100 times is never the same.
The acts themselves never vary, intercourse, oral, kissing, cuddling, some more kinky (in some people's minds) sexual interludes, but I love the conversation, the jokes, the random tangling of ones limbs trying to get from one sexual position to another, let's face it, it's never as amazing as in the movies, and it's not cut and pasted in real life to follow a script.
But the random occurrences in each and every appointment, from a quick half hour to an overnight, is what keeps me entranced in this varied and sinfully seductive industry.

The planning of each photshoot, the updating of each website, and the amour of e-mails and phone calls, is what keeps it exciting.

In all the jobs that I have ever taken on, this is by far the most exciting and alluring for random experiences.

Random thought for the day. :-)

Monday, 7 March 2011

My new additions

 the first and quite possibly the cutest, will be the sweet (Yeah Right) kitten I acquired before the Christmas holidays.

I named this bundle of fluff Kamikaze, and the reason for his name is because he is without a doubt reckless, and completely fearless.

I'm a Cool Dude!
First night I brought him home he climbed my legs while I was washing up the dishes, Oh don’t look so surprised I do have domestic skills.
So I gently picked him off my leg, and gave him a stroke in my arms, after a few minutes he promptly jumped from said arms and splatted the food and water bowls, so not only did he make this huge jump, that had my heart in my mouth he also managed to cover himself in tomato sauce from his food, and a wet coat from the water.

Trying to catch him, to clean him up proved less than productive, as there are a lot of small holes where big people can’t get but little kitty’s can.

I am tiger I roar ( well yawn) lol

2 hours and some wet wipes later he curled up on me and promptly started purring.
I jumped, honestly he purred and I jumped, because this tiny (any he was) bundle of fur, sounded like a freight train.
Even my fully grown cat doesn’t sound as loud.

That was the first night and since then I’ve sported scratched and bite marks and still do, my curtains have been replaced, and I’ve settled into having him curled on my feet at night purring his little head off.

My other additions are of the less alive kind.

I love bears, I’ve collected them for years, and I have, well lets just say lots of them. And I added some new additions recently. 

Me to You bear

Take me to bed Boffle Bear


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Name and company change.

As most of you will see I have changed my name, why?

I felt like a change and I felt like I had outgrown Tammy.
That’s not to say I didn’t like the name when I choose it, but I wanted a change.

I also changed company, from House of Divine, to Ultimate Indulgence, (Milton Keynes) and The Pump (Birmingham).

Again why?

Well again I felt like I had outgrown them, differences of opinion, left me wondering, whether I wanted to continue with them or leave, and as it happened they were thinking the same thing, they beat me to the punch and asked me to leave before I made the choice too.

Sometimes it happens that way, you can all disagree and then all part ways.

Good luck to them, but for me personally I am enjoying my new venture, with Ultimate, and The Pump.

Idea’s and like mindedness make us compatible.

I am still in Milton Keynes, at Ultimate Indulgence, don’t you just love the name, says it all for me, INDULGENCE!! Hehe.

And of course My Coventry fella’s missed me, so I decided that The Pump in Birmingham would be an easy transition, as my Coventry clients can see me in Birmingham, and of course I get to embark on a new clientele base in Birmingham.

So all in all that’s the main work based stuff.

But Autumn you haven’t told us about the new stuff…

All in good time my wonderful people all in good time.

Lax attention.

 Oh dear, sorry to have left you boys, and girls alone for so long…

Well I have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since the last time I posted,
I could say a load of tosh, but I doubt that is what you’re all interested in.

Well I added a new addition to my home life, (most will know), I took up a new hobby, which is exhilarating, spent some money on some new stuff for you boys & girls, got plans for a few more as well, but it’s a secret for now so 

I’m working with different people, had my birthday, 
How old I am!

I know a year older, was a very awesome night out though.

Having new pictures coming soon, experimented with some body art (it’s body paint so washes off) got some new and very welcome additions to my bear collection, yes I am a girl and yes I like soft toys, so if you fancy bringing me one feel free.

Got in contact with a few people who were amazingly lovely, and have spent the last few months running around like a headless chicken doing some seriously manic stuff.

Had several interesting conversations with a fair few people who expanded my mind no end, as well as some other enjoyable activities.

I will post some new blogs describing the events, which correlate so as not to bombard you with masses if info.

I will be blogging more as I have time again now that things have settled down.

Autumn xx

Friday, 10 December 2010

Text Tag

Text tag…

This is the most frustrating and at times annoying part of my ‘job’
I don’t mind answering the odd text, and I get that my fella’s can’t always talk openly, but text tag is just tedious.

What I dislike is the opportunistic texter (that even a word?) The one who gets your number from one of the various profiles, and instead of reading the profile or heaven forbid clicking on the link to my own website to get the information they play text tag.

Do you do x y z? Can I see you on your day off? Can I have x service which you don’t offer on x day?
 I feel like texting back are you lacking in brain cells?

I spend an inordinate amount of time updating, uploading and writing informative and descriptive profiles, I do this because I don’t want to spend £££ on my pre-pay mobile to text people who can’t even be bothered to put in a modicum of time to read a succinct, informative profile.

I will take bookings via text from clients who are known to me, I won’t however take a booking from an unknown client via text when I have not even so much as heard his voice.

I specifically state on ALL my profiles I don’t accept text bookings.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the written word is a powerful tool and I will accept bookings Via e-mail, but those who book Via e-mail also call to confirm, and or call to discuss services, it costs the same via text tag as it does to enquire via telephone so what is not to get about this?

This is one of those days in which I think, some people just have no common sense.

It’s three weeks to Christmas and my joy, joy mood has for this day been turned into a bah humbug day.

Friday, 3 December 2010

A few announcements

A few of you fella's are chomping at the bit for info, so here it is…

In order:

I have joined Milton Keynes Escorts, so I will be offering In-calls in Milton Keynes once again.

I will be offering MK in-calls on a Saturday so I will also be doing weekends again I know most have you have been frustrated with my lack of weekend play times, now you can come and relieve all that pent up frustration. ;)

I will also be offering Nuru massage there, so you get the massage with the escort content, but only on a Saturday, all that B2B and full on services too, am I not good to you boys!

Nuru will be charged at a flat rate of £160 for an hour please call 1 hour in advance of wanting the appointment to make sure we can slide you in!

To book an appointment with me at MK-Escorts, you can call them on 01908 696559 Or 07885 411 888.
You can also call me on 07795184331.

I will only be around until the end of December after that I am taking time out to work on some other things, so don't miss out on me.

Coventry, London, and out-calls will still be available check the schedule for the dates and times.

I will also possibly be offering pole dance to some of my fella's but that is yet to be confirmed.