Friday, 27 January 2012

The joy's of random experiences

The point of escorting depends on what your looking to gain from it.
For some it's pure £££ for others it's sex, and for others still it's a mixture of both.

Myself, I fall into the last category, I like having sex, as any healthy, sexually active 26yr old would do, and I like the fact that, men of all ages and racial backgrounds, will pay for my extravagant love affair with books and shoes.

But my love affair with this industry lies not with the act of intercourse itself, or it's many variants, but with the random experiences that each encounter brings.

The excitement of a new client, and the joys of sharing a new experience with a regular client. Each encounter even if I've seen a client 100 times is never the same.
The acts themselves never vary, intercourse, oral, kissing, cuddling, some more kinky (in some people's minds) sexual interludes, but I love the conversation, the jokes, the random tangling of ones limbs trying to get from one sexual position to another, let's face it, it's never as amazing as in the movies, and it's not cut and pasted in real life to follow a script.
But the random occurrences in each and every appointment, from a quick half hour to an overnight, is what keeps me entranced in this varied and sinfully seductive industry.

The planning of each photshoot, the updating of each website, and the amour of e-mails and phone calls, is what keeps it exciting.

In all the jobs that I have ever taken on, this is by far the most exciting and alluring for random experiences.

Random thought for the day. :-)

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