Monday, 7 March 2011

My new additions

 the first and quite possibly the cutest, will be the sweet (Yeah Right) kitten I acquired before the Christmas holidays.

I named this bundle of fluff Kamikaze, and the reason for his name is because he is without a doubt reckless, and completely fearless.

I'm a Cool Dude!
First night I brought him home he climbed my legs while I was washing up the dishes, Oh don’t look so surprised I do have domestic skills.
So I gently picked him off my leg, and gave him a stroke in my arms, after a few minutes he promptly jumped from said arms and splatted the food and water bowls, so not only did he make this huge jump, that had my heart in my mouth he also managed to cover himself in tomato sauce from his food, and a wet coat from the water.

Trying to catch him, to clean him up proved less than productive, as there are a lot of small holes where big people can’t get but little kitty’s can.

I am tiger I roar ( well yawn) lol

2 hours and some wet wipes later he curled up on me and promptly started purring.
I jumped, honestly he purred and I jumped, because this tiny (any he was) bundle of fur, sounded like a freight train.
Even my fully grown cat doesn’t sound as loud.

That was the first night and since then I’ve sported scratched and bite marks and still do, my curtains have been replaced, and I’ve settled into having him curled on my feet at night purring his little head off.

My other additions are of the less alive kind.

I love bears, I’ve collected them for years, and I have, well lets just say lots of them. And I added some new additions recently. 

Me to You bear

Take me to bed Boffle Bear


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  1. Very cute kitty Autumn. Love the name change by the way fits you perfectly ;o)
    Joe Frost