Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lax attention.

 Oh dear, sorry to have left you boys, and girls alone for so long…

Well I have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since the last time I posted,
I could say a load of tosh, but I doubt that is what you’re all interested in.

Well I added a new addition to my home life, (most will know), I took up a new hobby, which is exhilarating, spent some money on some new stuff for you boys & girls, got plans for a few more as well, but it’s a secret for now so 

I’m working with different people, had my birthday, 
How old I am!

I know a year older, was a very awesome night out though.

Having new pictures coming soon, experimented with some body art (it’s body paint so washes off) got some new and very welcome additions to my bear collection, yes I am a girl and yes I like soft toys, so if you fancy bringing me one feel free.

Got in contact with a few people who were amazingly lovely, and have spent the last few months running around like a headless chicken doing some seriously manic stuff.

Had several interesting conversations with a fair few people who expanded my mind no end, as well as some other enjoyable activities.

I will post some new blogs describing the events, which correlate so as not to bombard you with masses if info.

I will be blogging more as I have time again now that things have settled down.

Autumn xx

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