Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Name and company change.

As most of you will see I have changed my name, why?

I felt like a change and I felt like I had outgrown Tammy.
That’s not to say I didn’t like the name when I choose it, but I wanted a change.

I also changed company, from House of Divine, to Ultimate Indulgence, (Milton Keynes) and The Pump (Birmingham).

Again why?

Well again I felt like I had outgrown them, differences of opinion, left me wondering, whether I wanted to continue with them or leave, and as it happened they were thinking the same thing, they beat me to the punch and asked me to leave before I made the choice too.

Sometimes it happens that way, you can all disagree and then all part ways.

Good luck to them, but for me personally I am enjoying my new venture, with Ultimate, and The Pump.

Idea’s and like mindedness make us compatible.

I am still in Milton Keynes, at Ultimate Indulgence, don’t you just love the name, says it all for me, INDULGENCE!! Hehe.

And of course My Coventry fella’s missed me, so I decided that The Pump in Birmingham would be an easy transition, as my Coventry clients can see me in Birmingham, and of course I get to embark on a new clientele base in Birmingham.

So all in all that’s the main work based stuff.

But Autumn you haven’t told us about the new stuff…

All in good time my wonderful people all in good time.

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