Monday, 5 April 2010

Snow fall and Slipping in it

...not in that way you dirty minded people…(you know you all read that as slipping it in, rather than slipping in it).Nice deep snow, not so great for the roads and cars, (unless the gritters have the grit to grit)I prefer deep snow while it plays havoc with the road systems up and down Britain you don’t slide or slip in it. This mushy sleety snow which covers the ground, but because it’s wet underneath you put your foot down and bang your looking up at various people who are trying hard not to laugh or giving you that sympathetic look that’s says poor you, but glad it wasn’t me. Not to mention the burning bright red cheeks you end up with, not because you’ve exerted yourself in cold weather but because your mortified at making a spectacle of yourself when your supposed to be a professional person , or at least that’s the image your trying to project. But worse is when you slip so near the kerb you fear for you life at the wheels of a car, and lets face it in slippy conditions a freak accident is more likely to happen with cars, they just can’t stop suddenly. So choice of dying by humiliation, or just dying, wonderful. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if you had a nice looking bit of eye candy to catch you, or help you up. What? Oh come on you boys do it too, fall over and hope to god some pretty bit of skirt helps you up…Of course it’s all so terribly embarrassing if the eye candy isn’t there. I have noticed though chivalry isn’t dead. Well as long as your female and fall over. Disappointing for the “sisterhood” though, because if you are male and fall, well women leave a lot to be desired in that department, I suppose they just don’t want to end up on their asses themselves. Anyway here is to snow fall and falls in the snow, I’m off to finish my nice hot cup of chocolate, to warm myself up and to nurse the embarrassment of landing on my backside.

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