Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring is here!!!

Spring is in the air…

And I felt the need looking at my little house on the prairie, that it needed some TLC.
So I decided that this weekend between bouts of fun, with the ‘family’ I would and most definitely shall do my spring cleaning,

Now that I have made a list of what I want doing, what needs doing and what doesn’t, I find myself feeling rather daunted by this spring cleaning mi-larky.

I seem to manage each year to accumulate the biggest amount of stuff that I never use, and hide it away, (for yet undiscovered purposes) I am sure when I buy this stuff there must be a purpose to it, and I just either never get round to using them or I forget that I have them and think ‘oh yeah I forgot I had that’ when I invariably come across it several months down the line.

Now I know that this is the 21st century and we should all be doing it as we go along, but as you know I am quite nostalgic and I like to keep this tradition, of ‘spring cleaning’ even though I do clean as I go.

By the way did you know that spring cleaning goes back to the Neanderthal days of the human existence, and was for the purpose of clearing the cave of bones and debris, when the spring broke, it was a celebration, and marked the coming spring and it’s bountiful harvest that was yet to come to fruition.

So now that I have some nice days and my clock is all out of sorts, don’t know if any of you are having the same problem… I am so used to setting or judging time by the setting of the sun for the past few months that I was rather out of sorts when the clock went to British summer time, so rather than making my dinner by the setting of the sun (around 6pm) I found myself flummoxed for the last week and having my dinner late, due to the lack of sunset, I am sure my inner clock will re-set itself in the next week, but I do find myself thinking it’s earlier than it is because of the extended sunshine.

No complaints about the weather though it’s been a beautiful spring so far, with a nice mixture of rain and sunshine, which of course always puts a smile on most peoples faces.

So instead of cosy nights in by a warm fire and some chocolate, or snuggling under the covers for body heat. My sizzling summer maiden is straining at the leash for some fun, she wants picnics in the park, al fresco fun, long evenings sipping cool wine, and lots of summer attire, fresh funky dresses, nice breathable cotton, to allow the air to caress the skin. And little mini-skirts, to let those legs of mine find their freedom.

Well anyway off to raid my cupboards and wardrobe to see what I can find, as suddenly with the thoughts of all spring and summer brings I am not so daunted by the prospect of my spring clean.

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