Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Lunch date with the enchanting Jasmin


Ah the wonderful enchanting Jasmin.

As I stated in my Blog about the pictures, After I left I managed to get on the tube again…
After getting lost once (only once was a miracle for me) I managed to get myself after 40 mins to the tube station in which the lovely Jasmin was to pick me up.

But first some background…

Jasmin and I have been talking on Punternet on the chat-room for quite a while now, and we have always said we would like to meet for coffee or something, having never really gotten into the whole social escort or escort and punter meets, and after one attempt which did not go so well for me, I decided to tell Jasmine that I would be in London on Thursday the 1st of April if she fancied meeting up for some lunch, and she to my utter amazement and good fortune said yes, we swapped numbers and I dutifully told her I would call when done with said photo-shoot…

Anyway day of arrival and I am at the train station waiting for the Euston train when low and behold I get a text pop up…

Hi darling I don’t want to take you to lunch so I cooked for you.

Now at this point you could say my heart melted, I love home cooked food, don’t get me wrong I love to eat out, but there is something about home cooked food that someone has prepared for you that just makes you feel special, and this Lady was going to make me feel like a goddess.

So I alighted my train with some trepidation, as with all things my mind wandered back to my days of being taught good manners and running through my lists of do’s and don’ts at other peoples houses…
So I got off at my station and got on the underground a feat in itself, anyone who knows me knows I don’t have the best sense of direction…

So I arrived and did my photo-shoot, and called when it was done…
I was told my directions from the lovely Jasmin, and managed by some miracle not to get lost (I am sure it was her directions more than my travelling skills I assure you.)

So after 40 mins one lost moment and a near perfect ride, I wait dutifully outside the station to be picked up…
She turns up! (whisper thank you ,god, Allah, Buddha, goddess, saint nick, and anyone else who made this possible) In a nice car (I won’t say what kind) was a very cool little car, and of course it’s driver was stunning…
Such a beautiful lady, wearing a nice little black number (though how she can drive in heels is beyond me cause I can’t …jealous much …me? Of course :P)
Anyway we get to her place, and take our shoes off, which as she has cream carpets I would be telling people to be taking their darned shoes off too.
So up the stairs and I have a OMG rude much moment… I am trying not to look and stare all at the same time, as it would be rude to stare at someone’s house and décor…
But I must say this woman has style, and class and elegance and not only is it written all over her, but all over her house too.
It’s an immaculate stunning place of residence, one I would happily move into just to be there.

Anyway, I am digressing and am likely to be killed for divulging anything more…
The table was set prior to my arrival, and it was really nice just to enjoy the homey feelings that were pouring over me, this boys and girls is one place that will put you right at ease, and totally relax you.
So after attending the ladies room( and yes I did wash my hands thank you very much) Jasmin showed me her lush collection of Sari’s and offered me a mint green one, which I would have to have made (the top part) But as it was stunning and so her colour I declined even though she wanted me to have it.

So on to dinner, where I had home made chicken biriani (sp?)
Samosas and spring rolls and some chicken things that I can’t remember the name of (sorry babe)

The biriani, was exquisite ( having tasted what the local Indian call food, and what another friend once cooked me) I would have to say that home cooked Indian is far better and more eloquent in taste and texture.
Bay leafs filled the kitchen with a subtle yet alluring scent, fresh carrots gave it a stunning colour,
Cinnamon added a touch of sweet spice, and that was just a small fraction of what hit your taste buds.
My mouth watered at the smell of this luscious food being cooked.
The spring rolls and Samosas were made from hand, as were the other little chicken thingy’s
The spring rolls were fresh and crisp from the pastry ( question is … is it a pastry? I don’t know enough about Indian cuisine so any mistakes are mine and mine alone, and this is not from ignorance just that I have never really had the chance to ask someone about them) wet and fresh inside.
Now some spring rolls end up mushy inside but these were just perfect.
The Samosas were not to spicy and just mouth watering. I could quite happily have eaten the whole batch but manners dictated not to be greedy.
The little chicken thingy’s had the texture on the outside of being rolled in bread crumbs so were crispy and fresh, and Damn they set my mouth on fire with the chicken filling…( really must remember what Jasmin called them.)But my god I had to fan my tongue afterwards.

Now I am not a fan of spice and Jasmin knows this and toned down the spices when she cooked for me so I don’t want you all thinking that she cooked spicy food cause I was coming, though now I think about it, maybe she did to get rid of me :P ( that was a joke)

I like Indian just a spiced down version of it, But all in all my mouth watered and I couldn’t wait to for my next mouthful, it was a beautifully made dinner with an exquisite array of tastes textures, and overall wonderful full belly feeling.

She then plied me with what can only be considered a threat to any diet that you would happen to be on, luckily I am not on one, so when she presented for me, a luxurious chocolate fudge cake, that was rich in flavour and moist to the point of melting in your mouth, well what is a girl to say…

It’s Madam you are surely spoiling me no? ( add fake French accent)

I was in seventh heaven, sitting on the sofa in the most wonderful company I can imagine full of perfectly cooked home made Indian cuisine and chocolate fudge cake, and I was seriously debating if I could stow away in her closet…

She is without a doubt the most charming ladylike sweet caring and enigmatic person I have had the privilege to meet in a long time… and if I was shown half of the care and devotion she has, then her clients are darned lucky to have her as their companion.

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