Monday, 5 April 2010

Chat-room antics

OK I have become the ignominious web logger .I have come to this one web log of drivel with a very stunning purpose.(yes I know contradictory information there.)Ok the stunning part of this web log comes in the form of my very sweet online friend Jasmine. I will add a link here to shamelessly flaunt Jasmine on my web log. So as some of you know, and some of you don’t but will after this web log. I use and frequent Punter net’s Chat room. Yes I am that sad, well not really I just like the recipes. (chartroom joke)Ok so not sad I just like the general chit chat and it gives me some down time.*I am so digressive sometimes *So I met Jasmine on P-net chat, and we get on famously usually talking about Jell-O fights with chocolate sauce and me chasing Jasmine into the waiting arms of a another user . *she hides from me*And other various antics that involve some slipping in Jell-O/cream and some rather odd disappearing acts usually by me when I am swamped with work like now. Anyway Jazz for some unknown reason to me, seems to like my web logs and is always pestering me for more news, lol The trouble is that I don’t always find something interesting to talk about. Hence the contradictory start to this web log and why I am sinking so fast in my own estimations it is rather pathetic.(I did promise myself not to be a prolific web logger and to only log about relevant events.)I do however have the stunning Jasmine to write about…Now you may say, But Tammy you have an affiliations (sp?) page, why not add Jasmine there. Well, the answer is simple, I have not met the lovely Jasmine in person - yet! - Like that page says the girls on it I know and have worked with or know how they work and am completely comfortable with that. I have not yet had that kind of time with Jasmin, when I have I would love to add her to my collection of beautiful women whom I have the utmost respect for and have the wonderful honour to know. So to the Lovely Jasmin or as she is known on Punternet Indian-Delight. I will post a link to Jasmine’s Blog on my Weblog page and any other Blogs I am reading or like to share with you alloy P.s this was posted at 4am so please ignore all typo's and sp mistakes. I was rather tired when I wrote it. *Gag* Sorry.

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