Monday, 5 April 2010

Phone call annoyances

Ah the annoyances I love. Do you ever wonder if people read your website? Honestly, all the stick you get…You need a website so people can see, right, check! You need to advertise, right, check! Get on free escort directories, right, check! Phone rings.. Yea! It all worked.” I could you give me details.” err, what kind of details were you looking for?” when your working” it’s on the website darling, you did look” err yes” “OK then ” Click. Why call to ask about when I am working if you have read the site? Or did they not read the site and if so, then why say you did? Some things just seriously boggle the mind. I don’t mind answering a few questions, because I don’t state services on my website, some things are best left for the private domain, you understand. But to ask for information that is clearly stated. I would not mind answering the questions if the caller said, I have not seen your website. But if they have, why ask questions to which you already have the answer? Honestly sometimes things are just to boggling, either that or I am to darned pedantic. Well anyway…

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