Monday, 5 April 2010


Ok I admit to being slightly idiosyncratic, I like to have my little things, that to be fair I enjoy being peculiar about. I like to be a neat freak, and pedantic, slightly anal and ok I admit it I like to be a bit childish too. Sometimes it is good just to stamp your feet even though you’re a grown adult. I also like to have my way in certain things, (clearly I hear you say) Is it really that bad to have your own little idiosyncrasies? Honestly. I am eccentric enough for a lot of people and I do tend to blabber when nervous And, you know I am a big enough girl to take on peoples opinions of me. But seriously to tell me to look up words before I use them when I know what I am talking about, then to do a complete 180 and say well actually now that I have seen you, you look HOT, I believe the term used was Phoaaaaaarrrr or something to that effect so you will have to forgive the adlibbing another one of my Idiosyncrasies, just takes the metaphorical biscuit.I mean to go from insult to compliment in under a minute, and on top of which the only input in that minute is the viewing of a website picture.I know men are very visual creatures that’s why the pictures are there, but honestly.You can’t judge by my use of formal language? With what I wrote, I clearly can understand the word pedantic, and yet can do a 180 and say can I just say your HOT.Did he think I was stupid until he seen my pictures?After coming across I suppose you would say on paper here but we don’t use paper anymore… *new rant on lack of paper but oh saving the trees.SO after coming across on paper as knowing what it meant, I should check a dictionary before saying anything but Oh by the by your pictures are hot. (well of course they are I paid money for them. You don’t pay for professional shots and have them look shabby, It’s just not done. Not when you pay good money for them anyway.)I mean I know I am slightly crazy,(in a loveable way) But do men honestly think with the eyes or dick and not with the brain??Why do I always end up pondering the oddest of stupidities till all hours of the day and night, Hmmm, must ponder that… LOL

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