Monday, 5 April 2010

Expenses and Advertising

Oh dear oh dear, anyone wanting to be an escort, needs to look at all the angles, it’s not all lay on your back and have a jolly good old time, or knees or any other position you care to think of…I have spent the better part of two weeks sorting out adverts and paying expenses. Between three different sites for adverts, (all three well known see if you can spot them) considering other sites for adverts, putting up free adverts,( well if they’re there might as well it’s only a banner exchange after all) and travelling to accommodate my clients, I think I can now class myself as organized. And here was I thinking that website maintenance was the only worry…I think the list never ends I still have loads to do, and not enough hours to do it all in, and of course I have 20 odd mails a day saying the same thing… WE OFFER GREAT SERVICES WITH OUR ADVERTISED PROFILES DOUBLE YOUR WORK etc *yawn* most of them I haven’t even looked at just put them straight in the delete folder, don’t be mistaken in thinking I opened the others I didn’t… My fingers slipped on the cursor on the laptop and those opened, so I still binned them. Got to love the spam mail though seems that every escort profile agency wants me on their website to promote me,(at of course a price), some of them are from abroad too. I would be flattered except I’m not that naive or stupid, shame though I could give away all my money if I was… LOL Expenses:, taxi’s trains, condoms, mints, shower gels, baby wipes, mouth wash, shoes (yes they are an expense if I use them for work only) new outfits or undies, lunches I have to buy or make my own lunches, hotel bills, toy supplies, and the batteries that go with them… the list goes on and on, like the Duracell battery only not so much fun to watch, in fact it’s down right painful. My poor accountant. But mostly the trains and taxi’s are the big hitters for me, have travel will cost…So poor me (literally) all my pennies are out the door for another month ( yes boys those are my monthly bills for work alone.)By the by I don’t buy shoes every month just every two but everything else is a monthly love affair with me and my computer and a lot of random numbers. Once upon a time I thought being organized was getting up and adding my days work stuffs to a bag having a shower and being out the door by 10am…It’s no wonder I need a dance class just to de-stress, kudos to all the guys who stare at computers day in and out , my brain fry’s if I do it for more than 3 hours a day sorting that lot out.

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