Monday, 18 October 2010

The New PunterNet.

Well I can’t say I have played much on it, between, my personal life taking off in a whole new direction, and my working life being disrupted by my scary almost thinking I was dead moment *it happened honest*, I haven’t had the time to find to say hi, or get involved, or even just sit and contemplate the whole thing.
Before my scary moment and the lot’s of new stuff, I did manage to play on it for about 5 minutes…
The board… well I need to play longer as I haven’t got a clue, maybe I will take the enlightened path and read the techie stuff sub-forum before I try the new board, might help, instead of my usual flounder like a fish out of water route.
The Chatroom… Ok Upshot is it’s cool, bigger more new toys etc…
Bad stuff I don’t like…
I am now yellow/gold, cause I am a chat room mod, I’m a different colour, but I liked being red not gold.
Gold is not my thing *pout* well unless you count white gold, whole other subject there though.
Can I throw a wobbly and stomp my feet about not being red?
*In the ghostly voice of Sir Galahad* No woman you can’t, so stop grousing, it’s not yours!
Oh well I guess I will just have to like being a golden ?? *you decided what to insert here*

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