Monday, 18 October 2010

Hospital trauma

Ah crap don’t you just hate hospitals?
I do, they strip you of everything including your dignity, and hospital gowns are revolting whoever designed them needs a serious wake up call.
Yes I was in hospital, woe me, (no not really woe me, these things happen!)
As some will know I had an issue with my stomach.
I also had days off work for this to have an endoscopy, a few weeks back.  (picture below)

Which I can tell you was rather nasty, I didn’t like it, and words fail me to describe what having it does to you, lets just say (never again please!!) and move on.
Well anyway, after feeling like crap for a week or so after it, and the stress of a few other things, that I won’t go into, I ended up in hospital for throwing up blood.
Long story short I am ok, I survived, a very scary bout of puking blood, and nasty hospital gowns with seriously bad food (belch) but, I’m alive, I’m fine, and I’m so intending to not go back there.
After 25million tests (slight exaggeration there), Serious amounts of blood (they stole my blood it’s true) and not a damn thing to find, they finally let me go with a whole lot less of my dignity and self in tact.
Now I need some serious TLC from my boys to remind me, what comfort is all about?
*Maybe some new shoes too??* I know I’m a sucker for shoes, but seriously female of the species here!!

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  1. Get well soon! And please stop that (pork) sword swallowing...
    Dolly xxx