Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Eulogy for my dearly departed.

Sad day for me today, I got up and took my cat of 8yrs to the vets to be put down.

I was with her when they did it and I held her in my arms as she went to sleep never to wake again.

Never to jump on my bed in the morning and wake me with her loud purring, never to curl round my head and tickle my face with her soft silky fur.

I feel honored that she choose me as hers, and loved me for the wonderful years I had her.

Some may scoff at me being so upset, and those who hold that view are welcome to have it, but for me...

This little bundle of fur, gave me something precious and I will honor that memory of her.

8 weeks old and her and brother came home to me, they were a right pair, no toes or fingers were safe, no laces un-chewed, no couches unscathed.

I named them both aptly Trouble and Mischief. Trouble was a bundle of joy and helped me see that life is not all dreary when your sad, and those antics would keep even the most miserable person entertained for hours.

A few daring rescues by myself ensued as with her namesake she got herself into trouble.

Curtains are a wonderful play toy to kittens, or at least they were to mine.
Getting her down without injury, mission impossible.

Daredevil cat and a supreme huntress, I enjoyed many gifts from my puss, though the clearing of them was something I would rather not have had to do at 3am.

But it is a gift, a cat will only bring prey home if it loves and trusts the person caring for it. (Did you know that?) So even though the stomach curling at 3am was less than desirable, the thought behind those little gifts was not un-noticed, or under appreciated by me.

People will always wax eloquently about how perfect their pet was and how it was the best...

Well mine was a moggie, nothing exceptional in breed, but never the less special.

She would walk to the shops with me, go for a walk with me when we took the dog out, and put the dog in her place, while still being a playmate.

Never once scratched little ones even though tails being pulled and fur being yanked could not have been nice for her, but she had the ability to distinguish between, little ones not knowing and older kids being cruel.

Even after the hardest day she would put a smile on my face and for that I will always honor her.

It is hard to put any pet to sleep, even when you know it's the right thing to do, but knowing you have to and doing it are so very different and so very difficult.

I held my puss in my arms as she went to sleep for the last time, I felt her heart cease to beat, and all that made her who she was vanish from the world.

Today my world got a little darker, and I hope that the light will return over time, but for now I am going to allow myself to grieve, for my beautiful brave pussy who gave so much to me, even while ill.

RIP in the arms of Lady Bast my sweet pussycat.


  1. Very sorry to hear that. I can't imagine scoffing at your views. Animals can be our best friends in so many ways.