Saturday, 22 May 2010

Life loves and Technology

Well once again I seem to be lagging in the writing department, even though I have been writing, just not for this Blog or my gents.
I think I really need a ghost writer whom I can dictate to, and that should hopefully free me up somewhat.
Well my book writing has been coming on but alas other areas of writing have suffered which is a shame, but I suppose being, just human, I can’t do it all.

I know Tony you think I am superwoman so I won’t burst your bubble to much. Lol

My loves in my life are my family my writing and my passions for various hobbies.

My writing seems to be coming on a storm, my family are thriving, and my various hobbies are coming on nicely.

I have been making friends with some stallions who are huge(keep your dirty minds on track) and so fantastically wonderful, well other than the one small incident Charlie brown as I have nicknamed him, decided that I had mints of some kind in my pocket (which I didn’t) and tried to get them out, needless to say I got nipped, and my top got a hole in it.
I don’t mind sacrificing the fashion, but my skin I kind of need.

I was happy that at least my tetanus is up to date as I didn’t relish a trip to the doctors to be stabbed in the ass ( I know they don’t have to inject you in the bum any more.)

So after my nipping by fire, I decided that I really fancied taking a ride… no I didn’t ride Charlie Brown as he is not mine, but I did call and book a few hours riding at a local stables.

I have another round of those awful appointments that I don’t want coming up this week, namely for my cat, so that should be fun, not!
Don’t get me wrong I love my puss, but I don’t like the hustle and bustle to get her to the vets.
But I will be happy when she gets the all clear despite the tremendous effort that goes into it.

As you know I am needing to get a new laptop( I know this one seems to be almost dead, poor thing) What can I say me and technology just don’t get on.
So I was browsing a few things and I came across the I-pad now this little device in perfect for me.

I love the look the possibilities and of course it is completely portable.
I can keep my Blog, website, etc up to date on the go I can play with twitter a bit more, and I can keep diary of all my appointments on the screen that will bleep and pop up at me when they need to ( like Cat vet 2pm)
I can design new and funny things with the applications the possibilities are very, very, cool to me.

Now I just got to save up the pennies to get me one.
(Goes off to drool obsessively. )

Ok I’m back…

They are not that expensive but still, enough that I have to save for a few weeks before I can get one, though knowing me I am sure I will find other things to be paying for, before I end up getting one.
Like doing more decorating… I am putting it off, I don’t want to paint EVER again.

I think I may have to just call in a decorator.
I can paint I think I just get so frustrated with it as I like it to be perfect and if it’s not well…

Anyway I think I will nip off for a shower and get myself ready for the day being a lazy moo this morning.

Tammy x

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