Friday, 7 May 2010


First of my funny fridays posts are up, I created thier own page so that you guys can find them easier.

Hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Anyway I also wanted to add this to here... just because I am feeling all 'fluffy'...

I had a fantastically wonderful day again this Wednesday with Chloe.

I don’t know what it is with the West Midlands Boys, must be something in the water!

We were pampered and ravished all day. So cheers guys once again for making out weekly jaunt to Coventry worth while and exciting.

I am travelling more and more these days it would seem with a trip to Rugby on the dance card tonight.

I am looking into doing a trip to London with Chloe, can you imagine, me in the hustle and bustle of London. Logistical nightmare anyone? Lol

I know I am not the greatest with directions, but hey I think I may just manage it.
As I said at the moment it’s just a possibility, but if you would like to see me in London or are in favour of me making a gallant trip to the ‘BIG CITY’ then drop me a line.

I won’t bore everyone with details of my fantastical adventures, but I will say this …

I can honestly say that I am happy in my line of work.
Sure I get a few bad eggs but I try my hardest not to let it spoil the barrel and I always manage to get one guy who comes in and sweeps me off my feet and makes my job completely worthwhile.

So thanks to you fantastical creatures who make me feel proud to be a service provider.

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