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Oh right I forget… you don’t all have wicked mind reading skills like me…

Sorry had my sister here for a week my poor brain is a little frazzled over the montage of various forms of speech…( in lay mans terms I am totally frazzled with the street talk).

Anyway, back to my slightly overdue announcement.

I passed my driving test.

I know people I do, I was supposed to pass at 17 so a 25yr old female passing her driving test is not the most fabulous achievement in the world, but to me it is.

I am totally ecstatic with myself, and I am sure my happy, joy, joy mood has rubbed off ,somewhat literally in some cases to my boys. And in my life in general.

Let me set the scene for you and take you on a little story…

It was a lovely sunny day 3 and half years ago, I had passed my driving theory the week previous and I was insured to drive my own car, my mother in law( more like Boyfriends mother) was redecorating and we had decided to take the car to home base to grab some bits namely some underlay for the laminate flooring we were in the process of laying.
Anyway as you should know… You can legally drive in Britain as long as you have a fully licensed driver who has held a UK licence for over 3 years, and are insured on the vehicle in question.
So on the way home I was stationary at a roundabout, due to the long line of fairly fast moving traffic coming to my right, and my hand break was on, as I wasn’t going anywhere, when I get jolted forward, almost hitting my face on the steering wheel and ending up with whiplash.

I got hit by a stupid female at 30mph while stationary, My only silver lining was that I had my hand break on, cause if I hadn’t I would have been hit straight into oncoming traffic.

Her excuse when she got out to swap insurance details with me was this… I didn’t see you!
( Brain screaming …HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT SEE ME! At this point)

Anyway… after that I got a bit shaky and rather self conscious about driving, Most drivers at some point think about a crash, and those who crash after they have their licence usually get back in the car, but as I was at that point just a learner it threw my confidence for six, I spent the next two years dreading going back into lessons or driving in case it happened again and I had a child, so what if I wasn’t so lucky the next time?
Anyway just before the end of this year something snapped and I decided I was being seriously stupid about this.
I didn’t cause the accident, my driving skills weren’t in question, it wasn’t like I could have moved even if I had seen her come from behind me, because I had no where to go other than into oncoming traffic which would have resulted in a larger accident.

So I decided that I really had to just do it and get it over with.

I did an assessment with an instructor who told me I only needed about ten hours lessons then I would sit my test, of course I had to re-pass the theory again, which I was annoyed about as I had already passed it, but as I had left it so long I had to re-sit.
I am pleased to say that on both occasions of sitting the theory test I am still in the top 2% of the UK who passed it with 100% pass on the questions and within the 98% mark for the hazard perception part.

So that was the easy bit,…
I spent the day of my test a bundle of nerves… I got to the test centre and I was surprised to find that the examiner was someone from my past, I admit that eased my nerves a bit.
Not that he went easy on me cause he didn’t, but it just felt a bit personal rather than me feeling all at odds with some stranger.
I know I am weird. But still…

Back at the test centre when he told me I had passed, I almost passed out from shock, no joke I just couldn’t believe I had passed my driving test after all that worry.
I think I was so set that I would fail from nerves that I never let myself hope even for a second that I could pass because if I did and failed I think I would have been so disappointed that I doubt I would take the test again.

So now my next adventure… well lets see, I have already started taking a pass plus course, and I plan to take an advanced driving course, just because I think some memories can stay with you for such a long time, and I will feel most comfortable knowing that I have done everything possible to make me the safest driver I can be.

I will buy a car, but not for a few months yet, all those other things to sort out first and I am in no rush, I figure I will be driving for a lifetime what’s a few months more, besides I haven’t decided what car I would like yet. Lol

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