Wednesday, 16 June 2010

High class hookers and spaghetti hoops

Well it would seem that something of a conundrum has popped up.

(minds out of the gutters boys, we have serious hats on today … *snort* like that is going to happen)

Ahem, As I was saying…

A question came to fore of my attention, sometimes this happens in the escort industry, usually at least once a year sometimes more…
That question is always fraught with by plays, prat falls, and of course several camps of people who believe they are in the right… Oh wait that is the norm for any question or thread on the boards.

The question was this…

Do posters believe there are different classes of WG and classes of punter? Is there such a thing as a high class WG, if so what makes them high class in your opinion?

If you consider yourself to be a high class punter what makes you believe this?

Now, let me have a look at this in three stages.
( Strap yourselves in this could be a long one, like your science teacher trying to explain the process of photosynthesis )

First is the ‘class’ or ‘caste’ structure

Second individual responses and various outside forces that could directly affect the outcome

And thirdly… spaghetti hoops

It will all make sense my lovelies I promise * cackle inserted here*

Ok so class or caste structure…
Do I really have to explain this? No,ok moving on then…

Now class structure in prostitution comes from and revolves around the original class structure.
That Infers that the rich could afford to keep a ‘mistress’ ‘courtesan’ and the lower classes used either brothels and or street prostitutes.

As time has gone on though this class structure seems to have stuck within prostitution. To varying degrees.

The four classified are these.

Independent escort (with her own premises or out-calls)
Brothel/parlour worker.
And street worker

Point 2...

Well various answers were given, As to why some Working girls use this term, Or why some men use this reference to certain ladies they have seen.

From working ladies only use this as a marketing tool, and men use it to justify paying a higher price...


The answer I liked the most, Which was this…
Provided by a user on Punternet.

  • So, for my twopenceworth on some of the qualities exhibited in (my idea of) a classy person, I'd expect to see many of the following characteristics:

  • Modesty without conceit. Self-assurance without arrogance.
  • Honesty with discretion. ("only the very stupid, the very rude or very young, never lie").
  • A sense of style, without necessarily being fashionable or trendy.
  • Conscientiousness without sanctimony.
  • Demands high-standards of themselves without being elitist towards others.
  • A charitableness of spirit.
  • Serenity.
  • Intelligence (without a propensity to over-intellectualize).
  • Humour.
  • And, perhaps controversially, I'd also expect them to take care to look after themselves physically. With no offence directed towards those who don't (and I include myself :o ) - I believe that it's harder to attain many of the above qualities if we tend towards self-indulgence or negligence.

  • *Clearly Ravishing beauty isn't a pre-requisite (I'd imagine that the vanity that often seems to comes with the package doesn't help with 'modesty without conceit): that said, physical beauty, like good brains, does help to warm-up a sense of appreciation.

So if we take this as standard
(hypothetically, please stay with me I know half of you want to sleep.)

Then we have what we should in theory consider High class…

Point 3.
spaghetti hoops.

I was in the chat-room two evenings ago and I was invariably discussing some random idiosyncrasies with a fellow chatter, namely he asked what I was up to, as I seemed distracted. My reply was simple I was eating Heinz spaghetti on toast, (not hoops) his response almost had me choking on said food supply. ( I can’t say meal here, as this is not a meal.)

“ Oh Tammy you are so classy”

Now this was further conversed as to how we both cut our toast, me depending on how I am feeling will either put the spaghetti on the toast or will cut it into halves and put the spaghetti in the middle of a square made up of toast and use the toast like a pita bread or spoon to eat.

I don’t like spaghetti hoops as they taste rather odd to me compared with normal Heinz spaghetti. (Yes boys and girls, we are talking about out of a can food source)
So of course I then became a normal non classy person because obviously I don’t like hoops…
Of course it went further to include those odd little sausages they put in, we both agreed that the sausages with spaghetti or hoops was not good, but that the ones in the baked beans from Heinz were ok.

*Must stop digressing*

This got my little cogs turning…
(Yes oddly enough I do have brain synapses firing in my delirious head.)

From someone who possibly considered me ‘classy’ and for those who consider certain girls as ‘High class’ which I have been called on one or two occasions, by others I might add…

Here is what I think and my conclusion to this totally long thesis… opps Blog

Can you really tell someone is high class by a small amount of set up circumstances?
Or classy for that matter?

Now I have been to every type of function, from Ballet, Opera, to a wedding as a clients + 1.
I have worked in a parlour, I have done my own independent work, I am of reasonable (I think) Intelligence.
I have at one point or another, embodied all of the ‘traits,’ of what we agreed we would use as ‘standard' (hypothetical) of what high class means in terms of escorts.
I would not be so arrogant, to say I embody all of those traits at all times, because I may have to be a saint for that, but anyway, I am digressing again…

But can you really be ‘high class’ or ‘classy’ when at the end of the day you come home throw on a pair of baggy pants, and a comfy t-shirt, sit in front of a TV and or computer screen, and eat spaghetti on toast.

Personally I would think someone of high class stature would be eating escargot and supping the finest Bollinger, but that is just me.

So spare a thought for the girls you think this of, and of the men, because let's be frank about this we are all human and we all occasionally drink out of the milk carton, eat chocolate spread off a spoon, ( I defy anyone to say nutella out of a jar is not, just yummy) or sat down and watched some trash TV.

You can only every be what you are, and sometimes I am classy, and sometimes I am not.
And that is how I like it!!


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