Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Computer hell, and slinky new stuff

So I have as you know been planning to change my laptop for a while.

And I have been threatening to get broadband for home rather than just the dongle.

Well would seem that fate was conspiring against and for me in this endeavour.

Due to some random roll of the dice my laptop decided to crash. Ensue panic and mayhem, after having a flap about the fact that I was now Internet blind, I decided to resume normal functionality and look at the problem logically.

I took poor dead laptop to the computer shop in the hopes that they could resurrect him, no such luck, they told me that they were getting no current through the adapter, and that was most likely the cause, and yet they would not check the battery or the connector in the computer itself. So I was left with a choice.

I either bought an adapter worth £70, which once I had opened and used, was non returnable (don’t ask that bit is long and I am still smarting over it) and hope that it worked and if it didn’t then I still had the same problem.

So in my more lucid and infinite wisdom, I decided that, as I was planning on buying a new slinky laptop soon anyway, I might as well bring forward the plan and buy it now.

So I decide to march my cute ass, (I know modesty counts right? I just need the delusion right now.) down to the apple store to have a look as I was quite taken with the look of the Ipad when I came across it, but after serious consideration, I decided that the Ipad wasn’t what I wanted.

I needed something more.

So I settled on the Mac book pro.

It’s shiny and sleek and I’m totally in love with the keyboard I barely have to touch the keys and my letters are flying.

Anyway after serious conversations etc… I bought this wonderful piece of technology, Was staying away for the weekend so hooked up, my bad girl, to my friends broadband, and away we flew, ah I was in seventh heaven till Sunday when I came home and came down with a rather large bump to earth.

I tried to load my dongle and again play with my beauty but it was here fate conspired against and for me.

After a trip to the apple store, the nice tech man tells me that due to the Mac Technology the Phone companies haven’t quite got the technology to play correctly with the Macs.

WHAT!! (Ensue internal profanities! @£$%^&*) There is hope at the end of the

Tunnel Orange seem to be the only provider that have got off their backsides and taken up the challenge, but the launch of their new dongle is 17th November.

(another round of internal profanity !@£$%^&*!@£$%^&)

Due to the fact that I use said computer for E-mails, Oh my poor clients, I hope they don’t think I was ignoring them.

Anyway as I use said computer for work, I Had to phone a company to get broadband installed in my house, the kicker is that I have to wait till the 24th of September, before I can play online at home.

So having to make changes via friends comp while at work, and can play at the weekend at friends till I can get it all sorted.

I had to get a new computer, and I was planning broadband, but I had a plan and as much as I like adventure this little jaunt is going to cost me.

The joke is I have a contract for a dongle that I cannot use.

Those idiots are so in breach of contract, and I am so not paying for something that I can’t use.

At no point do any of the phone companies state that their technology is incompatible with Macintosh.

Their supposed, upgrade to snow leopard is a farce and I couldn’t even get it to play with my computer, let alone get online with it.

And the best thing is, The phone companies have known for ages about this and still sit on their ass, extraordinary wouldn’t you agree, considering that a lot of people are now using Macintosh rather than Microsoft.


I did manage to get my dongle to work eventually after trawling the internet for all sorts, but I still wanted to rant at the injustice.

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