Sunday, 25 July 2010

Travel, Work, and Summer Holidays

Travel, gah honestly…

Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful time in the country’s capital (London).

I am seriously impressed with both the people that live there and who use that infernal contraption to travel around to get to work.

I got off at Euston on Monday feeling fairly happy with myself that I was actually in London after all you fella’s asking when I was coming to London, but my entire happy joy, joy mood was ruined by the time I got across London to work.

I spent the best part of Sunday planning what I was going to wear, what I was carrying (luggage wise) etc, and so Monday morning arrives and I get showered dressed and apply small amount of make up (not that I wear much anyway) I pack my work equiptment and set off…
I arrive early at Milton Keynes station and have a coffee, then I jump on the train…
Mission accomplished me thinks…

Wrong! Oh I had no idea how wrong I was about to be proved.

When I finally reached my destination, I was covered in sweat, honestly between running for tubes and the stifling heat on the underground, plus the heat above ground, all my careful prep went right out the window.

I got in dropped my bags and stood for 5 mins just trying to catch my breath, ok so I had made it but I was soaked in sweat felt muggy and dirty and on top of which I had gents to see…

*mental scream of frustration ensued*

So I had to shower again, re-apply all that carefully painted make up, and get my fresh clothes out.

After that I felt so much better and relaxed about the whole thing, I managed to have a wonderful day in the capital.

I think sometimes knowing that all your best laid plans can change in the blink of an eye, helps you realise that life is always quirky, and never follows what you want or need, but that’s just how it works at times.

So, work is all over the place at the moment, and lots of different changes to my schedule, bless I am hoping that you fella’s are keeping up.

My Coventry jaunt and my Friday in MK haven’t changed, just my Mondays, I have yet to baton down the hatches on that particular day so I guess my fella’s will just have to watch out for the changes.

I can say that between work, my pole dancing and the rest of my extra caricular activities I can safely say that when my day is done I am quite happy to fall into bed and I’m asleep before my head hit’s the pillow.
Though with my cat stealing my pillow half the time I normally have living fur encircling my head and purring contentedly.
Anyone who owns cats will appreciate when I say that there is something soothing about a cat purring.
Mind you I draw the line when she try’s to take half my face off with her tongue.
Yes my cat likes to give me a bath, it’s the salt on your skin, just in case anyone wanted to know why cat’s lick you…

Anywho, I was digressing…

Six weeks, of screaming kids, and can I have, and I want,… oh joy.!!
Parents have learned to dread the six weeks holidays, because they spend an inordinate amount of cash, not just on our little cherubs, but on sitters, playschools, activity weeks (like football) water balloons, water guns, paddling pools (because you just know, the expensive one you bought last year has a hole in it!) friends sleeping over, more junk food than kids should conceivably have, and of course you have to take them on holiday!!!

So you have the hassle of flights/car journey, and the bit you know your totally dreading comes up…

Four little words designed to drive adults to distraction.

Even people without children of their own know these words… can you guess what they are…

Yes boys and girls that infernal phrase “ Are we there yet?”

If it was just the once I think we would all be happy campers, but seriously that phrase was made to drive all parents round the bend,
Because it’s not just once our darling cherubs say it, it’s every 5 minutes after the first time, and because they are bored.

Patience is a virtue, and one I can say is, frankly in short supply in the summer months.

Spend all year working to go on holiday with your darling kids, and all they can say is “are we there yet?”
Do they not know that this is our holiday too, that we have spent all year working so we can spend quality time with them?
Of course not because that is the beauty of being a child, you can be as annoying as hell and it’s expected cause you’re still growing up, you still don’t understand all the finer nuances that adults do.
You don’t care that your mommy or daddy has worked all year long and put in copious amounts of overtime just to make sure you get to meet Mickey Mouse at breakfast, or spend all day jetting down water slides, and having kiddies clubs activities.
All they see is the goodies not the effort required to get the goodies.

*anyone else wishing they were a kid again right now? I know I am*

Anyway to all you parents out there… Happy holidays.

Anyway enough ramblings for now.

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